LinkedIn Job Posting, approx. $399.00.

LinkedIn InMail, $3.00.*

Sending a killer InMail and having a candidate respond so you’ll get your money back, priceless. Alright, thank you all for coming, but please takes your seats because class is now in session. Welcome to LinkedIn InMails 101.

Do your research

LinkedIn profiles are a treasure trove of valuable information as users outline their current and previous positions, volunteer programs, interests, skills, education, and more. Take some time to do your research and include a connecting note in your InMail. Sign off with a university mascot cheer, send a note about a shared philanthropic interest, or congratulating them on a recent promotion. Making that personal connection will peek their interest and prove you’re not mass InMailing.

Know your demographic and adjust your tone

Building off the previous point, know your demographic and who you’re talking to. In society, the way you address an elder, a family member, or a stranger varies by the relationship. As you enter their inbox, it’s important to understand your audience and tailor your message appropriately. Always communicate in a professional and respectful manner and be sure to introduce yourself.

Respect their time

Keep it short and to the point. You’re reading a list right now. Lists are in. Bring attention to the important content of your message by including bullet points. This approach allows you to highlight the unique benefits of the role you’re presenting. What will make their work meaningful? Will they acquire new skills on the job? Use this as an opportunity to showcase why this role is an awesome opportunity (beyond just compensation and free snacks).

Tag, you’re it!

Always end your message with a question or a proposed next step. You message should have the goal of creating a next step, hopefully in the form of a call. Be sure to wrap up your message by clearly expressing this goal.

Let’s assuming you are interested in a candidate for your role, sign off with the confidence that they’ll be are interested as well. Use a sentence like this, “I’m flexible with my schedule, when is a good time to meet or hop on the phone to chat more about this opportunity?” This puts the ball in their court and will increase the chances they respond.

You’re unique, stand out!

As a recruiter, you’re on the front lines representing the company to potential employees. Be sure to convey your company’s culture in this message. If you’re not in a suit or heels everyday for work, have the confidence to drop the formalities and use a hip tone (while being conscious of your audience, of course).

Punctuation Police

Hey crazy, calm down with the !’s and ?’s. Keep punctuation to minimum. Institute a 2 punctuation policy, this include question marks, exclamation points, and colons. It’s best to keep your message clean.

LinkedIn InMail can be a great way to connect with potential candidates, but without a compelling message, you run the risk of not getting the responses you would like. With a little bit of effort and by following these tips, you should be well on your way to making some great connections. Good luck!

*Prices vary based on LinkedIn account plan.


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