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7 Ways to Crush Your Sales Quota (Hint: Think Like an Immigrant)

7 Ways to Crush Your Sales Quota (Hint: Think Like an Immigrant)

Immigrants have an inborn hustle in them. Coming to a new country often means having limited resources and knowledge about surroundings. Yet there are many who are able to achieve a great deal with the given circumstances.

From South Africa to Canada to the States, you could say he's doing alright.

The Honey Badger Guides believe that you can embody this mindset to achieve more in life. When you read between the lines, it's clear to see how this applies to the sales world, too. Shifting your mindset can make a huge difference when trying to crush your sales quota.

Be Adaptable

There's a benefit to not knowing anything about local culture when you're an immigrant. You have little (or no) idea of how things currently work. That's alright, though, because you're not expected to conform to them anyway.

Sales Takeaway

Be willing to start over. If you're finding that your current sales techniques don't work, it's alright. Examine, deconstruct, and reinvent your playbook.

Stone cold heart and (probably) cold call wizard. 

I hear you - some people don't like making cold calls. They consider it interruptive and the last thing you want to do is annoy a potential client. Reframe your mindset, though, and it's a different conversation. Think of cold calls as an opportunity to help your customer help themselves. They don't know what they don't know, and you can empower them to do their job better.

Take Risks

Uprooting yourself and your family in search of a new, better life is a risk. What if you find yourself in a worse situation than before? Immigrants already understand that sometimes a risk is necessary.


Sales Takeaway

Take some time to explore options you've never considered before. If you tend to have an aversion to change, embrace a new sales method. No matter what you're selling, it's innovate or die.

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Live Scrappy

When an immigrant moves to a new country, they often have limited resources. They discover in a short period of time what they can live without and what's a true necessity.

Sales Takeaway

Is your sales team not overwhelmed with leads? Spend more time researching your prospects and less time looking at Kanye's tweets. (Spoiler alert: he's still grumpy).


Don't have any sales collaterals to send to prospects? Take things into your own hands. Spend a weekend writing a case study or a whitepaper instead of waiting for the marketing team.


Always be Learning

An immigrant is always learning. Surrounded by a new culture and language, they have to figure out how to make their way.

Sales Takeaway

You don't know what you don't know. Observe more experienced salespeople, read books, or attend webinars. There are countless ways you can improve your sales skills (some without wearing pants)!

Pay attention to the news and keep up with advances in the industry. Learn new tools that can help you in your job.


Hunt for Opportunities

There are many successful immigrant entrepreneurs. These people hustled and found the people in need of their solution. Don't wait for success to come to you.

Sales Takeaway

Where are you currently finding your prospects? You may be missing out on opportunities. Make the most of your LinkedIn connections. Attend that housewarming party with your spouse. Opportunity is out there - you just have to find it!

Spend some time building your personal brand to get access to more inbound opportunities. Become a resource for others - it'll take you places.


Understand Human Nature

Many immigrants are coming from a lower social status in search of a better life. They're often experienced with the worst of society. With that said, they understand people’s needs and the human interaction.

Sales Takeaway

Spend some more time learning basic psychology and observing body language. You'll realize when you should press for a close or when it's time to back off. It'll help you become more likable to your customers.

Learn about social engineering to figure out how to work with your prospects and get them to buy.


Don't be Set in Your Ways

For many, immigration means a chance at a fresh start. Embody these philosophies and you'll become a better salesperson. Develop yourself, crush your quota, rinse and repeat.


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