This edition of Happie Weekly focuses on revamping your interview process. The hiring process has changed, with typical interview questions and tactics being dropped for newer, trendier methods.

These new ways of interviewing allow you to gain a deeper look at your what makes potential new hire tick, a look that’s invaluable for ensuring you’re hiring the best fit for your company. Check out these resources for updating your interview methods from around the web, as well as some miscellaneous articles we think are interesting this week.

Changing up Interview Tactics for Fresh Results:
 Interview models are changing rapidly, and keeping up with all the new trends can be dizzying. Check out this list of new interview tactics and see how to make them work for you.

Stressed about formulating an interview? These tips from Ere can help you focus on the results, not worry about the process.

Behavioral interviews are becoming more popular. They can help you truly assess candidates by seeing how they think and work through different situations. The Balance lays out the benefits, as well as the particulars, of these types of interviews.

Interview questions don’t need to be generic, in fact, they’re more interesting when they’re not! Check out Fast Company’s list of unconventional interview questions and implement them in your next interview!

These quirky interview questions from some successful business leaders will make you pause and think. What would your answers be?


Here are some other articles from around the web you also may find interesting:

  • The number of women in tech has been a hot topic recently. Here’s Katharine Zaleski’s take on the simple fix companies are missing. 
  • Google Hire’s much anticipated pricing has finally been released. Take a look at how your company stacks up.
  • We know you’ve been dying for new audio content for your commute; look no further. Social Talent breaks down their top 8 recruitment podcasts, so you can think about work even when you’re not at work!

That’s all we have this week, thanks for checking out Happie weekly!

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