We all reach that point in our lives when we wonder if it’s time for a change. Time to quit our job, start a business, or change our careers altogether.

And there are places to go for good salespeople. There are still ample opportunities for smart job seekers to improve their conditions. Fusion Worldwide claims that “employers are still complaining about the lack of qualified applicants.”

The old narrative was that you stayed in one company for decades. As we all know, that just isn’t the case anymore. It’s now common for salespeople to change jobs every three or four years. Here are 7 signs you’ve reached that point in your current sales position.

1. You Cannot Move Up

You’ve put in your time and you’re not getting the recognition you deserve. There may be no positions above yours now or available for a while.

If you don’t believe that there’s hope for the long-term, start exploring. Look for a more senior position at another company. You can go for a parallel position that offers its employees opportunities for advancement. Companies that have a many employees with high titles show that their people are able to grow.

2. No Challenge, No Reward

It may feel great to master your position at first, no doubt. After a while, though, the lack of challenge will leave you wanting more. This usually happens three years into the position. You know you product inside and out, have a full sales funnel, and don’t miss a quota.

This boredom doesn’t mean that you want more responsibility. You may just be looking for a new product or to develop connections with new customers.

3. You Don’t Like the Product

It’s hard to sell a product that when you don’t believe in it. You may be able to sell it well, but you dream about what you could do with a product that matters. You’d be better and make more money, according to Ken K in “The Sales Side”.

As salespeople change jobs, they may also change industries as well. Lack of experience in that industry isn’t an obstacle to getting a new job. If you can sell, you can sell.

4. You Don’t Like The Company

Some of us have co-workers or a manager who make the workplace more dramatic than it needs to be. That’s the unfortunate reality of life and that makes it almost impossible to enjoy what you do.

If your co-workers or manager is the problem, your solution may be as simple as moving to a different team. If, though, you decide your only choice is to move on, take it slow. While interviewing at companies, make sure you speak to its employees. You want to hear the unfiltered answers about the workplace.

5. You Need A Change

You’re good at what you do and have plenty of ideas of how to do it better. Your manager, though, is fond of the norm and won’t let you work outside of their established process.

It might also be time for you to consider to applying to a more senior position. A promotion may give you the chance to effect the changes you want to see.

6. You Aren’t Making Enough Money

We all feel we could make or deserve money. Be aware of difference between (healthy) greed and a fundamental problem. If you can quantify your effectiveness, you should be welcome in any sales department.

7. You Hate Sales

Well, this is an obvious sign a change is in order. If your stress just isn’t worth the trouble, it’s time to move on. There are some people who just don’t enjoy sales, even among those who sell well.

Your sales experience, though may be enough to earn you a non-sales position in your industry. You may want to try for a position in a different department if sales are the only bad part of the company.

It’s Time to Move On

There is no shame in moving on to a new company if you’ve given it your all in the current one. If you could see yourself in the points above, it’s time to get back on the job market. We may know a job or two we think you’d like ;).


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