Social engineering is defined as “the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information”, according to Veracode.

Your primal goal as a salesperson is to increase sales. Use social engineering to your advantage and you’ll see how easy it is to sell more.

Need Confidence? Ask Questions

If you’re newer in sales, you may not feel confident at your job yet. As Joan Goodchild states, “conveying confidence with body posture puts others at ease”.

Another great to project confidence is to be the one asking questions. The customer feels a social pressure to give a correct or appropriate response. This is one of Scam School founder Brian Brushwood’s favorite confidence tips.

Say Their Name

Personalized messages catch people’s attention. People enjoy hearing others use their name; they feel it validates their existence.

Gregory Myers says that using your prospect’s name will make you more favorable in their mind. Other personal information (as appropriate) in communications is great.

Come Prepared

You want to know as much about your customer as you can before you start the sales process. The key to being a sueccessful social engineer is information gathering, says Jamey Heary.

Use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google to gain the upper hand. If you are visiting their office, look around to see what’s visible. For referred clients, learn as much as you can from the referrer.

Use “Because”

A few years ago, Harvard conducted research and made an interesting discovery. Using the word “because” makes a person more likely to agree with what you ask.

How does this convert to sales? Next time you talk to a prospect, ask for something, such as an appointment to make a presentation. Make sure to follow up with “because” and a reason. In that study, they found that over 90% of participants agreed to the request.

Copy Body Language

A huge aspect of social engineering is the ability to interpret body language. The abiltiy to use body language well will make your prospect more willing to help you.

Chris Nickerson is a social engineer by trade and has some actionable takeaways. Breath at the same time as your customer, smile, and read emotions. It may seem abstract, but it’s effective to appeal to one’s subconscious.

With Great Power…

…comes great sales? It’s not exactly what Uncle Ben said, but it works here. You can encourage your prospects to trust you more and build a better relationship with them. Soon, you’ll consider yourself the ultimate social engineering sales ninja.


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