It was early December at the North Pole, and everyone was working hard, every last soul. With only a few weeks left until the big day, the toys were finished, and being loaded into the sleigh. However, as the elves were prepping they checked the forecast, and the foggy weather they saw left them aghast. They called an emergency meeting and away they fretted, there was no time to get a new deer chosen and vetted!

The Head of Hooved Talent proclaimed, “Finding red-nosed reindeer takes months! Our average time to harness is almost 150 days! What will we do? We’ve never had so little time to find someone new!” All the elves sat around trying to think of a fix, they even tried throwing electronics into the mix. They tried flashlights and headlamps and even disco balls too, but nothing else would correct this lighting snafu. It seemed as though all might be ruined, and Christmas a loss, until Santa remembered a business he’d heard about from his old boss.

“I believe they’re called Happie, and if I recall, they swear they can find anyone, anyone at all.”

So they spoke to Happie, and got started right that day, because remember Christmas was only two weeks away. They talked qualities and certifications, and Santa made it clear what he needed, and the program ensured all of his requests were heeded.

“No antelope, nor moose, nor horse, nor cow; I need a reindeer, only a reindeer, and I need him now. I need a bright red nose and prior success, a reindeer with FAA clearance, no less.”

So the folks at Happie started their search, searching for someone to carry all of Santa’s merch. They calibrated his requests, and saw what he thought, noticing who he liked, and who he did not. In the old days it would take months to find who they seek, but Happie found Santa matches within the first week. Santa had interviewed three candidates by Day 10, and they all seemed great, Doug, Rudolph, and Ben. With interview advice and hiring guidance, Happie taught Santa how to choose, and Santa was ready to release the big news.

“Rudolph has accepted, and Christmas will go on. We can deliver our presents and cheer and so on and so on.”

And that my friends, is the real story of Rudolph the reindeer. Don’t believe a thing that old snowman says, you hear?


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