One of the hottest trends in recruiting, and for good reason, is recruiting videos. “While a picture may speak a thousand words, a video has the potential to reach millions” says Lubo Smid, COO & co-founder of STRV. “Videos give job candidates a taste of what it’s like to work at your company, especially in regards to office culture and structure.” STRV aims for a new culture video on their website and social media networks at least once per quarter and the effort pays off. STRV’s videos have led to numerous hires.

The success of recruiting videos is two-fold. First, videos are highly shareable content and thus optimized for a very digitally connected workforce. Second, recruiting videos have color that job post copy, no matter how eloquently written, doesn’t. “Recruiting videos can excite by allowing potential recruits to better ‘see, feel, and hear’ the passion and the excitement at your organization” says Dr. John Sullivan, CEO of DJS. “Videos allow an outsider to “meet” your employees, to see your technology, and even to tour your facilities.”

Recruiting videos can be hosted on your company’s careers site or on popular video sharing sites, like YouTube. Whatever site you choose, make sure that it is mobile optimized to improve accessibility to candidates in the age of the smartphone. Beyond that, there are many ways to get recruiting videos right! In no particular order, check out these companies’ great examples:

Top 15 Most Awesome Recruiting Videos

1. Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro’s recruiting video doesn’t start the way you’d expect. Before heading to the workplace, it features employees doing everyday human things, like walking the dog and making egg-in-the-middle toast. It catches the viewer unaware, humanizes Ingram Micro’s employees, and makes it much easier to believe that the company’s claim to ‘invest in passion’ isn’t just pretty writing on the wall.

2. Dropbox


Dropbox takes quirky to the extreme with their recruiting video. Featuring an all-puppets cast, the video’s creative format shows that Dropbox is an innovative company that isn’t afraid to take risks. It’s also a lot of fun to watch, especially given the high degree of puppet customization, to match human counterparts on the Dropbox team, and the absolutely hilarious puppet facial expressions.

3. Hillsboro Police Department

This local police department’s humorous recruiting video shows that you don’t need to be a big company with a big budget to make a compelling, shareable video. It’s unique and unusual, way funnier than dry police recruiting videos typically are, and gets a lot of employees involved. That shows how important teamwork is to their culture and appeals to potential candidates who are interested in an environment where everyone pitches in to achieve team goals.

4. Hubspot


Hubspot’s video is straightforward, shot beautifully, and gives an inside look at life at Hubspot by incorporating footage of the actual working environment. For companies that have unconventional, fresh, and creative workspaces in their offices, this is a great strategy to show off how nice ‘going to work’ is at your company.

5. BambooHR


Being able to keep work at work and having reasonable work hours that allow for a fun and healthy work-life balance are huge selling points for many candidates. BambooHR’s recruiting video, which is all about what employees do outside of the office, emphasizes that BambooHR is a life-friendly startup, without the long hours and stress that are often part of startup life.

6. Starbucks

Recent graduates make up a large part of the talent pool and Starbucks cleverly targets that specific audience in this video. By focusing on early career employees and following the progression of interns as they rise up the ladder, they address the concerns that recent graduates are thinking about as they consider jobs. They show that there is a place for early career employees at the company and it’s one that’s full of promise and potential.

7. Gorilla

Gorilla’s recruiting video does a great job of showcasing their work culture. The two minute video makes it clear that Gorilla employees are true team players with a lot of passion for their work. For candidates who are similar, there are few things more appealing than that.

8. Rackspace

Rackspace’s ‘a day in the life’ format lets potential candidates see what awaits them if they join Rackspace. Employees talk about life at Rackspace candidly and the clearly unscripted dialogue feels genuine and convincing. After all, there are few better sources of perspective on working with a company than the people who are already doing exactly that.

9. Zendesk

Zendesk understands that that candidates are consumers and consumers are always wary of the claims of salespeople who try too hard to push their wares. Their recruiting video is direct and doesn’t oversell their company. Instead, it simply shows potential candidates what it’s like to work at Zendesk. This honest, straightforward approach is both less likely to trigger skepticism among candidates than a hard pitch and more likely to provoke the interest of the candidates who would genuinely be well matched with Zendesk’s corporate culture.

10. Sephora

The best candidates want to grow and Sephora uses their video to show that they’re a company on the same wavelength. The video highlights their company’s history and growth, as well as their modern, well-equipped work space, and makes working at Sephora seem like a unique creative experience that other companies can’t compete with.

11. Humana

We love that Humana understands our ever-shortening attention spans in the digital era and keeps their video brief. At 1.5 minutes long, it’s the perfect length to keep potential candidates’ attention through to the end, unlike longer videos. The video gets bonus points for including a clear call to action at the end, giving viewers direct instructions on how to apply.

12. Apple


Apple is sexy, sleek, and successful. Joining Apple means joining a tech team that’s creating the present and the future of what everyone wants. Their top quality video captures that professional elitism, tempered by an openness to new ideas, and we’re not even mad that it’s too long, at over four minutes.

13. Mary Kay


As is only fitting for a cosmetics company, the video is light and pretty. Mary Kay knows its unique advantage over competitors is how established and international it is, so it emphasizes that selling point in its recruiting video. By highlighting the benefits and opportunities that this position uniquely allows it to offer its employees, it sets itself apart in a positive way.

14. Deloitte

Deloitte Recruiting Video

Deloitte thinks out of the box with an interactive video that lets potential candidates explore their fit at the company. The first person perspective makes the video more engaging and the option to pick a specific department to learn more about at the end of the ‘walk in an employee’s shoes’ is a great way to help direct candidates to where they might best fit into your team.

15. Facebook

Facebook Recruiting Video

Facebook is known for generous signing bonuses, very competitive compensation, and an abundance of Silicon Valley-worthy perks. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see that their recruiting video wasn’t a montage of perks on perks on perks.

Instead, Facebook’s video goes back to the basics and focuses on the work that potential hires would join the team to do. “For the first time ever in history, we can build all these new kinds of experiences” says Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. “The difference between where we are and what’s there is a handful of people with a sense of determination and a really powerful imagination.” Focusing on the opportunity to build a legacy attracts the right kind of candidates — those who are fueled by passion, not free snacks and kegerators.

These great examples of funny, compelling, well-executed, and sometimes just brilliantly simple recruiting videos should give you some ideas to start. Try to feature employee profiles, unique perks, what makes your company unique, a campus tour, company events, and employee diversity. If you’d really like to get employees involved, you can have your employees create your company video in a contest, like Deloitte does with its Film Festival. Once you have a video that you love, track your views, shares, and conversions to see how it’s working for you and adjust if necessary.

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