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Performance vs Pokemon GO + Snuggly Goats - The Happie Weekly, August 16, 2016

Performance vs Pokemon GO + Snuggly Goats - The Happie Weekly, August 16, 2016


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The Happie Weekly
Candidates Want More Than A Job. (read more
Candidate needs are evolving and so must recruiting. Happie curates thoughts from top recruiting and HR thought leaders on what today's candidate population wants from their employer and how you should react.
By 2020, Millennials Will Comprise Half The US Workforce. The Undercover Recruiter reports on creating a magnetic culture to attract Millennials. Hint: It includes the three F's - Flat hierarchy, Flexible hours, and Friends at work.

An Award For The People Who Do All The Work (Finally!) Recognition and appreciation are great tools to create a positive culture that attracts and retains top people. Yet most external recognition accrues to company founders and senior leaders. Erik Torenberg launches the Rise Awards to recognize the people who toil away behind the scenes.

Diversity in Tech? Not So Much. There’s been progress, but much work yet to be done, according to the long-awaited 7th episode of The Intern Podcast by Allison Behringer and Betaworks.

How To Hire The Best Sales People, Ever! Dan Pratt finds out from ZeroTimeSelling's Andy Paul in this podcast from @AdHawk.

Now That You’ve Hired ‘Em, Keep ‘Em! Nick Poulos from Bowery Capital interviews Darren Kaplan from hiQ Labs about how to incent and retain the sales talent you already have.

And Compensate Them. Joshua Reeves, CEO of Gusto Discusses His Company’s Employee Equity Plan in detail with Craig Cannon of Y Combinator in this Guide to Employee Equity.

Are Remote Workers More Productive? Hubstaff solves the mystery in this data-backed analysis.

We’re Not Paying You To Chase Fictional Video Game Characters! ERE Media’s John Zappe explores Performance vs Pokemon in this piece on how HR should handle the Pokemon Go craze.

Speaking of weird HR and recruiting challenges, this Virginia farm is recruiting volunteers to snuggle with its baby goats.

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