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New Illegal Interview Question + HR Conference Schedule - The Happie Weekly - August 26, 2016

New Illegal Interview Question + HR Conference Schedule - The Happie Weekly - August 26, 2016


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The Ultimate Recruiting and HR Conference Schedule (read more
Starting to plan out your HR tech or recruiting conference schedule for 2016 -2017? Happie has you covered with our Recruitment and HR Conference Calendar. Check out the 20+ conferences to see where you should head this year and next.


It’s Now Illegal in Massachusetts to Ask for Salary in Interviews: Stacy Cowley from the New York Times reports on this game-changing new law

Hire Promising People and Toss Them In the Deep End: First Round Review on how Location Labs retains 95% of its employees.

Leadership is a series of one-on-one conversations. Actifio CMO Michael Troiano shares the Best Leadership Advice of His Career.

What to cover in those 1:1s? Praise and Validation. Terry Lee from MeUndies on the missing piece in employee feedback.  

Desk Job Death Risk: Desk jobs are as dangerous as smoking. Here’s how you can help your team stay healthy.

Need some office design inspiration? Check out the coolest office spaces from around the word.

It Was Love at First Offer: See how one woman's photo shoot with her job offer went viral.  (Now that the world of employers has seen how great she is, she’s probably fighting off job offers!)

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