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How To Get Sued By Your Employees + What The Zika Virus Means for HR. The Happie Weekly, September 2, 2016

How To Get Sued By Your Employees + What The Zika Virus Means for HR. The Happie Weekly, September 2, 2016


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The Happie Weekly
Play The Long Game To Win Top Talent. (read more
The most successful recruiters understand that pursuing active candidates only, or waiting to woo talent until you need to fill a position are suboptimal strategies. The Happie blog outlines how the best recruiters market to candidates like consumers and nurture them over time.
How DayNine Reduced Their Cost Of Hire By $29,000. (read more
Check out our ROI-focused case study to learn how DayNine, a leading Workday implementation partner, saved tens of thousands of dollars by using Happie to find and hire a high performer with the unique combination of skills and culture fit they were looking for.

Zoiks. What the Zika Virus means for HR (as if our job wasn't hard enough already!) XpertHr reports.
How To Get Sued By Your Employees: The story of WrkRiot’s bad behavior and demise, as revealed by former head of marketing Penny Kim and analyzed by the New York Times.
Amazon Pilots A New 30-Hour Workweek: Jessica Stillman reports in Inc. Magazine.

Woah. This Could Be One Of The Coolest Jobs Ever: Craft Beer Historian at the Smithsonian

Speaking Of Beer, here’s what you can learn from your bartender about how to be a better recruiter, from the fine folks at SmartRecruiters.

Why You Should Hire the Candidate Who Sees the Glass as Half-Empty (and Leaking):  Dr. John Sullivan from ERE Media on how dissatisfied employees are the best innovators
This One’s For All The Ladies Out There! A cringe-provoking list of non-threatening leadership styles for women by the hilarious Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review.
Because We're Not Sick Of The Olympics Yet. From extreme cat herding to OneUpsManship, here are the events in the #HROlympics

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