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10 Ways to Piss Off Tech Talent + Embracing Discomfort - The Happie Weekly, September 9, 2016

10 Ways to Piss Off Tech Talent + Embracing Discomfort - The Happie Weekly, September 9, 2016


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The Happie Weekly
Hiring Tech Talent is One Of The Biggest Challenges Our Customers Face.  This week's issue is all about recruiting, hiring, and retaining engineers.

How do you compete with the salaries and perks provided by the likes of Google and Facebook to get great engineers? Once you hire them, how do you retain them when they are constantly being approached with competing offers? The Happie blog outlines some important strategies for recruiting great tech talent and keeping them happy, so that they want to stay. (read more

Don't Have 990 Hours To Spend Recruiting Tech Talent? This guide by Sequoia Capital can help you recruit engineers in less time.


Use Inbound Marketing to Attract Engineers.  Oren Ellenbogen's guest post on the Intercom blog offers a creative approach.

10 Easy Ways To Offend Tech Talent from the Searchologist blog. You’ll want to avoid these if you want to hire technical talent successfully.

How CIOs and CHROs are leveraging the Gig Economy To Solve Technical Hiring Challenges.  40% of the US workforce is contingent or freelance. Here's how you can leverage this massive labor pool

Embrace The Discomfort: Giving And Receiving Radical Candor. Former Googler Kim Scott in this amazing follow-up piece by First Round Review (read the original article as well if you want to become a much better manager and team member).

Total Transparency by Buffer's People Team: Buffer shares its team building, finances, product, customer happiness, and other key information publicly every month in this People Report by the People Team. Get a glimpse inside and get inspired.

Hiring Slow and Firing Fast:  Kristin Koh Goldstein from HireAthena on the SaaStr Podcast

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