Let’s be honest, interviews are the best and the worst part of recruiting. On the one hand, you get to personally interact with your candidate and see beyond the resume, but on the other hand, it can sometimes feel as though you’re getting the same canned responses from each candidate. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to spice the process up and get more genuine answers?


Luckily, there are many people who have felt the same way, and decided to take matters into their own hands. Here is a list of several ways to change up your interview process – while still getting the information you’re looking for.


1) Change Up the Questions

One popular way to change up the interview process is to ask your candidates unconventional questions. By surprising candidates with out-of-the-box questions, you get the opportunity to see how they react and adapt to new situations, valuable knowledge to have when bringing someone new onto a team. Google has become well known for taking this approach to the extreme (you can see a list of some of their unique questions here), but you don’t need to try to baffle your interviewees to get an idea of their typical behavior in a new situation. Even seemingly simple questions, such as “What superpower would you have and why?” can give you an idea of how your candidate thinks through problems. There are a plethora of lists online with examples to get the ball rolling, so take a look and try some in your next interview!


2) Job Simulations

Another approach that has been increasing in popularity is job simulations. These allow you to do exactly what they sound like; imitate the job for the candidate so you can see them utilize the skills they’ll need for the position firsthand. These simulations can take many forms, from a case study for a marketing associate to a fake sales call for a sales rep to a coding challenge for an engineer, all depending on the position being filled. Along with giving you the opportunity to see the candidate in a job-like situation, it also lets candidates gain a better understanding of what the position they’re interviewing for entails. This provides them the chance to ask questions or discuss any reservations they may have, ensuring that you both are on the same page before you embark on the next step.


3) Socialize with Employees

Another new technique that hiring managers have found to be a good indicator of company fit is to leave candidates to socialize with current employees for exposure to both company culture and their new perspective peers. Time Magazine elaborates on this point, saying that candidate’s interactions with individuals in the company and in a group can reveal further behavioral indicators regarding how they’ll perform among their peers at work. Take a look at Happie’s instagram to get a look at our office and learn a bit abut our company culture too!


4) Peer Interviews

Along the same vein, while it’s important to have candidates interact with current employees on a social level, it’s also helpful for current employees to see firsthand new hires they could be working with. Bringing people who will be working with the new hire into the interview process allows them to help gauge the culture fit within their own team, and avoid potential personality clashes before they happen. This method also is effective for evaluating the candidates’ skill sets, because who knows better the demands of the job than a current employee?


All of these ideas, and others out there, can enrich your hiring process and change it for the better. Many companies are moving away from the more traditional, sterile interview process and towards these creative models, with positive results. A note of caution on using these techniques however: be sure you’re adopting these techniques for the right reasons. Don’t simply adopt them to be able to say you use these new, trendy methods. In order for these techniques to return results that are valuable to you, you will need to mold them into whatever will work best for your company.


When used correctly, new avenues like these can help you get to know your candidates better and make more informed decisions. Determine what works best for you, and start shaking up your hiring process!



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